About Us

Archidreamer is a creative studio where graphic art and simple objects are made, founded by Yanyi and JJ.


We are

an interior designer and an advertising motion graphic designer based in London and Seoul, with a MA in interior design and animation at the Royal College of Art. Since 2003, we used to live a very busy life as designers. However, after our baby girl was born, we were able to escape from the bustle of life and started to live life at a slower pace. We used to see space in a short period of time, but we were able to encounter various spaces after spending a long time in one location. We realised that diversity in space does not come from the 'things' which fill the space. What we need is a ‘slow life,’ spending a long-time in one location where you can feel the nature with even only a few things around you. Since the concept of architecture expanded from simple buildings to life, we wanted to express the aesthetics of architecture which can only be seen in slow life.  


We love

travel, architecture and nature. In Archidreamer, we observe, remember and imagine the beauty of architecture. Archidreamer is primarily inspired by minimal architecture. We like simplicity, made by minimal lines; honesty, which shows the physical properties and textures of the material; purity constructed by fulfilling the basic purpose; and we like simplicity which is designed to minimize the gap between the surrounding environment. These elements are the inspiration for Archidreamer’s work. 


We think

the beauty of architecture is shown when two different forms are perfectly harmonized. This could be a harmony of architecture and nature (architecture and its surroundings), a mix of natural and artificial materials, or an infusion of a curve that resembles nature and an artificial straight line. It could also be an encounter between people and architecture. We find beauty when two things with different characteristics meet to make wonderful harmony like us. 


We express

liveliness through artificially made architecture in our work. We try to embody a sense of naturalness, dynamism and liveliness in a simple design which looks very static. This is because we want to express architecture as a space that creates wonderful memories, moments and experiences, rather than just a building (an object).