Structure 02 Screen print

Structure 02 Screen print


420 x 594 mm (A2)

Fabtiano Rosaspina Bianco 295gsm

Six Colour Screenprint

25 edition



Made in UK

The paper we use is Fabtiano Rosaspina Bianco 295gsm. We chose this traditional paper which has been produced since 1283 in order to get the best printing quality. This paper is made of 60% cotton and is acid free. Not only does it guarantee good paper quality, but it also has a great texture for screen printing.

Every piece has an edition number and autograph of the author.

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In the first structure series, we tried to capture the most beautiful moment of when architecture meets natural light. In our work, architecture serves as a prism that makes the beauty of ‘sunlight’ visible. It shows the shape of sunlight, the inherent colours and temperature in the artist’s eyes shown through the image of architecture.